Case Study:

Anticipate Invitations.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you have imagery of this calibre to use in your designs, you can speak volumes. Anticipate Invitations leverages the power of CraftCMS and the flexibility of Snipcart to deliver an eCommerce store that really goes above and beyond an off-the-shelf solution.

Michael Musser is a very talented designer, and he approached me to work my design (and code) magic on his eCommerce website,

The first thing we did was draw a line under the current CMS as it was so many versions out of date that it simply couldn't be upgraded easily, and the time it would take could be better spent creating something new from the ground up.

Well, almost new; it still needed to be Anticipate.

The original homepage for Anticipate Invitations

The store is powered by CraftCMS and all payments and eCommerce functionality is handled by Snipcart. CraftCommerce wasn't a viable solution due to the way it handles product Variants. Adding every possible variation of wedding invitation and its associated price for each product didn't appeal to Michael - or to me - and so we needed something which could work on-the-fly.

Snipcart's approach uses data tags in the "add to cart" button's code and allows those values to be manipulated - on-the-fly - before you add the product to you cart, which was absolutely perfect. I had to get creative with Craft's templating to output the code I needed, but that's why Michael hired me. A working prototype was quickly created, and a fully working store followed pretty quickly.

The original store functionality was easily recreated using Snipcart, which saved a lot of time overall. The main design changes involved bringing functionality out of tabs and onto the page - there was space for everything.

I hired Chris to completely overhaul my e-commerce and portfolio website, which included shifting to a new platform. Chris was prompt to respond and addressed all of my concerns and questions. We hit several roadblocks along the way and he always had a solution. He had a wealth of expertise and knowledge and I had full confidence that he would be able to meet and exceed all of the project's various requirements. I'm so pleased with the final result, not only in the visual appearance, but in its backend functionality as well. I will continue to use him for various site edits and updates in the future!

Michael MusserOwner & Designer, Anticipate Invitations

This was a very technical build, but also a very interesting one as it involved a lot of creative thinking with both Twig (the templating language Craft uses) and jQuery. The design is one of my favourites of all the recent sites I've designed and built because it's so calming to work on.

I encourage you to go and visit the site. If you're outside the US you won't be able to buy anything, but have a play with configuring some wedding invitations.