Client Project:


Flexy is a radical new way to recruit casual staff in the hospitality industry, and the company reached out to me to produce a new corporate brochure for them.

Each page was intended to be used separately as either a poster at Flexy HQ or presentation slide.

In my career I have produced hundreds of booklets and brochures - I began as an artworker and then designer in print and publishing - and so I was quickly able to set to work on layouts for Flexy's project. It was important that each layout be able to stand alone if used separately from the brochure as a whole, so continuity between pages wasn't as important a factor as it might normally be - the main thing was that it had the Flexy feel.

Christopher recently helped us design a new company brochure. He was a pleasure to work with and did a great job for us.

Oliver CroftonDirector,