Client Project:


KudosQA needed a website to showcase their QA services, and approached me to design and build it for them, working from a logo they had already commissioned. As one of the services they offer is website QA, they had to be confident in who they worked with.

Working to a short brief outlining key pages, it was up to me to add the bells and whistles needed to really make the site sing.

CraftCMS was the perfect platform to base the site on, as it can handle any type of website, from simple brochure sites like this right up to complex eCommerce and portal sites. It allowed me to rapidly build and flesh out the pages as I went, anticipating issues (not that there were any, really) and proof to the client quickly and easily. It helps that I have my gulpfile.js set up to output some highly optimised code, which saves time (and budget) later on.

Partway through the project, Lockdown hit. We were able to easily accommodate a move towards remote testing in the site structure and copy without any real issue. Good design is adaptable.

Kudos knew my track record of attention to detail and the meticulous nature of how I approach website design. I leave nothing to chance, and test thoroughly so we speak the same language.